"Never Been So Fast" 
5-Axis Machining
With Digital Technology
For Prototyping

Our digital machining technology provides aluminum components with quality and speed for makers, developers, engineers, entrepreneurs, designers, artists or whoever are eager to make new products. HILLTOP has been sharpening and advancing autopilot machining technology by specializing in one-off aluminum components for 60 years.

Our mission is to maintain autopilot machining technology along with excellent customer service to fullfill your dream products.

"Let's Accelerate Your Innovation!"

5 Day Prototype Machining

Standard Turnaround Time

All manufacturing processes are shortened and optimized by digital technology and autopilot machining. 5 day is our standard turnaround time. Please contact our sales representative to check the availability.

Instant Quoting

You get pricing instantly. We will make every effort to respond within 24 hours.

Quality Control & Stability

Automatic programming is activated to perform the optimum machining approach for parts of any shape to stablize its quality. As well, we employ consistent quality control to guarantee all prototype parts by using CMM (Coordinate-Measuring Machine) to realize the formation of these delicate parts.

Repeat & Minor Change

For the parts created once with HILLTOP, all programs, machine settings, processing approaches, etc. are accumulated as digital data and can be referred to at any time. The quality of parts is not compromised when customers request repeat orders. And it is also possible to flexibly respond to minor changes in design.



Why named HILLTOP?

We always pursue cutting-edge technology in prototyping manufacturning.
'Hill' is smaller than mountain but we transform small possibility into big success.
We associate ourselves as the top of prototyping -HILLTOP.